Our Values

Inclusive Education

We believe in “Education for All”. Working in lines with RACE BHARAT initiative, we work closely with Corporate CSR teams, Government and have also created innovative business models to extend our offerings to underprivileged kids.

Women Empowerment

We wish to unleash the tremendous women human capital and therefore have diversity with women leading from front at many of our global positions

Holistic Development

We believe that children are more than score cards and every child has some hidden talent. We should be able to make children get holistic development and enhance all the 4 quotients of life (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual and Emotional) to make them happy and succeed

Global Innovation

With our Digital Community , SpieQ wishes to create a global talent pool, that shall enhance the quality of research and adoption of Science and Technology right from K-12 Education level


Whatever we do, we comply with all social, business and ethical obligations and in this endeavor we are governed by a highly eminent board of Academicians and Business Professionals.