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When time began, the universe was created by goddess Divinity. She made four magicians called Querans to look after the many worlds she created. The Querans created a magical stone to encase their powers before merging back into Divinity. This stone was so powerful. It could create and destroy whole worlds in a matter of seconds. They hid this stone on a dwarf planet in the solar system of Kaarmos and cast a spell on it. According to the spell, the Guardian of the universe would be born from this planet in the time of need. They named this planet “Gaurdia” and the stone “Q”.

Eons passed and the stone lay hidden on the planet until it was found by Princess Alyana, the eldest daughter of the king of Planet Gaurdia. She tried to use the powers of stone but it wouldn’t work for her. Her brother Armaanos tried to help her but he also failed. In their quest to use the power of stone, they almost destroyed the planet and their father lost his life. Their sister, Aquila, broke the stone and banished her sister and brother from the planet. Then Aquila was made the Queen and the broken pieces of the Q stone were put away in a guarded room in her palace.

Alyana and armaanos found another planet to live on; Planet Lyra. They began to capture world after world. The universe was thrown into chaos and there was need for the Gaurdian to be born.

In the middle of these wars, a man landed by mistake on Planet Gaurdia through a Space Time Portal. He was Doctor Hanz Brennen, a scientist from the future. Karira, an adopted child of the royal family. Was the one who found him. She stole and gave a piece of the Q stone to him for his use. With its power, Doctor Hanz created a Space Time Portal so he could travel back to his planet. Alas, it didn’t work properly and a little boy from Planet Earth named Roraan fell through the portal Doctor Hanz had created. The Q Stone got lodged in his chest as he came through the portal and injured him fatally. It seemed as if he wouldn’t survive. Then the Q stone brought him back to life and gave him special powers; the ability to become or create anything he could imagine.

Thus, the guardian of the Universe was born from the Q stone. No one, not even Roraan, Knew that the Q stone’s prophecy had come true. With this power, it would become his duty to save the universe time and time again, and Alyana would become his greatest enemy.