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Can we ever imagine our hand growing but not the feet? Will it be a perfect growth? Definitely not, because in our body, growth is not related to just a specific body part, but growth as whole. The same applies for mind. When it comes to human development, we cannot ignore one aspect and emphasise another.

“Human development, as a whole and not fragmented, is called Holistic Development”

This kind of human development, as a whole and not fragmented, is called Holistic Development, which refers to the development of every aspect of the mind and body, including physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Each of these components covers different growth parameters. For an example, physical development is the process of physical growth such as height and weight, emotional development refers to the growth in the ability to identify and manage one’s feelings.

Are Our Children Experiencing Holistic Development?

The periphery of human development includes a wide range of abilities that not just let one survive and sustain, but live a happier, peaceful life. If we ask ourselves, what is the goal of education, the answer would be to gain the abilities to survive and sustain challenges coming from every aspect of life.

But is our education system actually preparing our children to battle the challenges coming from different corners of life?

Our education system is curriculum based, which grades children only on the basis of their Intelligence Quotient. Based on the performance of this quotient, every child is marked, categorized for taking responsibility in future, wherein taking those responsibilities requires many other critical skills and qualities, which is completely ignored by the Schools and further by the industrial system. The results are dissatisfaction; unhappiness, depression, and the list further worsen.

Holistic Development-A Breakthrough Approach to Education

It is difficult to pick up on real human development if we willnot be able to bring Holistic Development approach in our education system. At SpieQ, we believe that human growth and development isn’t only about focusing on success, but also the ways in which one can enjoy the success with and within the community and self. To help children learn these ways, children needs to be prepared for being receptive towards different aspects of life and living and capable to face the challenges and sustain the adversities. And for this, our education system must focus on all the quotients of human intelligence, namely:


children learn to establish connection within self as an individual and also with family, community, nation, and with the environment as a social being.


Curriculum based learning merged with experiential learning to enable children develop abilities to communicate effectively, comprehend and apprehend quantitative concepts, perceive, synthesize, and analyze knowledge.


Make children aware about the importance of physical fitness including exercise, healthy diet.


It covers a wide range of emotional behavior and ability to manage and control those behaviors in prosperity and adversity.

Moving Towards Education based on Holistic Development

We, at SpieQ, are focused on creating a new learning ecosystem, in which children will be guided and supported to explore their inherited knowledge, develop new skills and abilities, and create whatever they can imagine, test, and transform through experiential learning. The holistic development approach ensures children are growing with much more self-confidence to handle difficult situations, without getting bored.

Experiential Learning Approach at SpieQ

At SpieQ, we work upon improving the apprehending and comprehending capabilities of children. It has a team of engineers, thinkers, psychologists, and educationists working in collaborative environment within the organization to consolidate learning into STEAM based DIY Kits. These kits cover a broad array of subjects relevant to curriculum based education system and real-life experiences. With a series of learning kits, SpieQ tries to develop a touch-base at all the integration points where children get experiences, at home, in school, in garden, and so on. Capitalizing on these points, we create kits based on the four key elements of experiential learning:

Everyday life experience: This type of experiences involves familiar experiences we get under various circumstances.

Reflective experience: This experience plays upon the new experiences we have, impacted by preconceived notions and learnt technologies.

Abstract conceptualization: At this stage, the experiences transforms into our perception and setting our approach for doing things.

Active experimentation: Here, experiential learning helps in testing the already-built perception and ultimately creating new experiences.

Experiential Learning for Holistic Development

Exploring on how Experiential Learning can contribute to the Holistic Development of Children, with an exclusive range of DIY Kits and Raw Material for Science Projects, SpieQ strives to develop all 4 quotients: Intelligence, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. Where intelligence quotient improves the brain’s ability to absorb and process the information, emotional quotient works upon our ability to handle people. Physical quotient enables us to tolerate harsh conditions and Spiritual quotient measures assessing the meaning of life. SpieQ products emphasize on the role of experiential learning for improving the capabilities of all these quotients for the holistic development of children. And so, SpieQ products focus on:

  • Generating Awareness: Generate awareness about the STEAM behind everyday life through Immersive stories of Action Heroes

  • Developing Interest: Make available ready-to-use material to carry out interesting project without delay to increase motivation to learn

  • Creating Ideas: Community based forums to help create and promote new ideas and provide support to move ahead with the idea

  • Deepening Learning: Engage with relevant and intellectually, creatively, emotionally and physically relevant content