Experiential Learning for Holistic Development

Holistic Development

Knowledge in the learning process is reared on the pillars of imagination, interest, and capabilities to understand, develop, and predict. Among the several methods how knowledge is transformed into learning in our education system, Experiential Learning method focuses on exposing students to real-life problems and encouraging and facilitating them to take initiatives. SpieQ offers a range of experiential learning opportunities to the children of age group 3-13, based on real-life situations covering Robotics, Space, Magnetism, and more. It creates a learning environment using Gaming Adventures built upon interesting, immersive stories.

Breaking the Barriers of Experiential Learning

According to David A. Kolb, the one who developed the experiential learning concept, it is not essential that every learner equally emphasis on each element of experiential learning. That’s why, SpieQ has built STEAM based Learning products around each element of experiential around, enabling children, parents, and educationists to choose the one which specifically suit them. SpieQ broaden its learning products to building all the four quotients of intelligence through:

  • STEAM based DIY Educational Toys
  • Curriculum based DIY Projects & Models
  • Summer Holidays/Vacation Adventure Toys
  • Market Place for Raw Material for Science Projects         

STEAM based products, projects, and models available at SpieQ have been uniquely developed to cater to the requirement of children and schools and universities. They can order the products according to their project requirements or according to the unique choices. SpieQ can fully customize the packages based on the individual needs and preferences.


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