About spieQ

spieQ is an education initiative by Arsym Consulting Pvt. Ltd. It stands for Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual and Emotional Quotient, the four pillars of holistic development. Through our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) based kits and other products, spieQ bridges the gap between the resources and the child/parent.

With the help of an immersive story and a world filled with magic and possibilities, spieQ introduces the Q Stone to children, which stands for the Q in spieQ. It holds immense power, just as we see the balance of all Quotients makes each individual enhance their capability. Along with that, the story uses characters to focus on important aspects in a fun way.

Spiritual Quotient

Represents getting to know oneself, focusing on value based learning, having faith in oneself and believing in our own potential.

Physical Quotient

Represents our health, nutrition, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and how we can build our strength and discipline ourselves.

Intelligence Quotient

Represents our knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge using various tools like scientific thinking, imagination, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Emotional Quotient

Represents our ability to lead ourselves and others, collaborate with our peers, be adaptive and flexible, deal with failure and achieve goals we set.

Who is spieQ for?

spieQ is for the children of today who have a world of possibilities to look forward to tomorrow. It provides the resources they need to help them dream and create what they imagine without restrictions. It is also a platform for parents, educators and service providers to connect with the children and help them develop holistically.

How can you benefit from spieQ?

Once you join the spieQ club, you have access to Nucleo’s Game Adventures, Dr. Dragon’s Lab and other users in your area that can help you build your Quotients.

Nucleo’s Game Adventures contain carefully crafted DIY toys and activities based on a theme. These are connected together in a story which also has tasks based on each quotient. Along with that, a unique game is given in each box that focuses on long-term engagement, learning and a lot of fun.

Doctor Dragon’s Lab is an online portal with a wide range of products. It has all kinds of resources to make science based toys and activities from scratch. No more worries about where to find resources for your next science project!


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