About SpieQ

SpieQ is an education initiative by Arsym Consulting Pvt. Ltd. It stands for Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual and Emotional Quotient, the four pillars of holistic development. Through our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) based kits and other products, spieQ bridges the gap between the resources and the child/parent.

With the help of an immersive story and a world filled with magic and possibilities, SpieQ introduces the Q Stone to children, which stands for the Q in SpieQ. It holds immense power, just as we see the balance of all Quotients makes each individual enhance their capability. Along with that, the story uses characters to focus on important aspects in a fun way.

Spiritual Quotient

Represents getting to know oneself, focusing on value based learning, having faith in oneself and believing in our own potential.

Physical Quotient

Represents our health, nutrition, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and how we can build our strength and discipline ourselves.

Intelligence Quotient

Represents our knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge using various tools like scientific thinking, imagination, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Emotional Quotient

Represents our ability to lead ourselves and others, collaborate with our peers, be adaptive and flexible, deal with failure and achieve goals we set.

Who is SpieQ for?

SpieQ is for the children of today who have a world of possibilities to look forward to tomorrow. It provides the resources they need to help them dream and create what they imagine without restrictions. It is also a platform for parents, educators and service providers to connect with the children and help them develop holistically.

Our Products

About Arsym

Arsym is a team of veterans that wish to build a growth platform for India by adopting best-in-class global processes and technologies, integrating Indian diaspora and facilitating upliftment of the deprived masses.

We pledge ourselves in building an India that shall choose the path of Inclusive Growth. An India, where progress is not hampered by a Digital Divide. An India, where which all stakeholders participate and engage to achieve this vision. In our endeavour, we wish to partner with Corporates, Academia, NGOs and Research Communities to build advanced and sustainable societies.

Our focused centres of excellence that would empower India to transform into a global leader include Re-engineering, Analytics, CSR and Education. Arsym wishes to be the front-runner in building and partnering with cutting edge technologies and process excellence methodologies, in bringing about this transformation.

Board Members

Dr. Alice Parker

Dr. Parker is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the...

Dr. Arvinder Narag

Dr. Narag is a former Dean and Professor at Faculty of...

Dr. Nikhil Agarwal

Dr. Agarwal is currently serving as CEO, Innovation Society...

Dr. Padmakali Banergee

Dr. Banergee is Pro-Vice Chancellor of Amity University...

Adv. Balbir Singh Nayyar

Adv. Nayyar is Chairman of Arsym Consulting and is an...

Mr. Murli Dhar Asthana, IAS

Mr. Asthana is a 1965 batch Indian Administrative Services...

Team Members

Ms. Divya Nagpal

HR & 21st Century Values

Ms. Nagpal directs and manages the Content...

Mr. Kapil Rampal

Marketing & PR

Mr. Rampal manages PR and Media Relations for SpieQ....

Mr. Atul Gupta

Technology & Design

Mr. Gupta manages the Digital Strategy and...

Mr. Neeraj Kumar Singh


With more than 20 years of experience in operations...

Mr. Nishant Sethi

Investor Relations

Mr. Sethi manages the team responsible for...

Vivek Banra

Product Design

A sketching, illustration and sustainable design expert...

Er. Manmeet Singh Nayyar

Founder & CEO, Arsym Consulting

B.E.(Gold Medalist), M.S.(Comp. Engg. – USC Veterbi),
MBA (SPJIMR) Design Thinking Expert – MIT~Sloan
Digital Transformation Expert – Columbia B-School
Certified  ITIL , Six Sigma, CCNA, MCSE, MCDBA Expert

About Us

SpieQ is an education initiative by the founder of Arsym Consulting Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Manmeet Nayyar. An Indo-Canadian business leader, Manmeet’s vision of the education for children has sparked the revolution in k-12 education system. SpieQ is the shape of his vision that emphasizes on holistic development of children by exploring beyond IQ with fun and experiential learning approach, using STEAM based DIY projects and 21st Century Values exercises.

As the founder of SpieQ, he is leading the educational community to arrive at his vision of K-12 education system, giving a road map for transforming the current syllabus based learning to full-filled, activities, and experiment based learning along with exposure to 21st Century skills for Holistic Development. At SpieQ, he is continually evolving the strategies and objectives of education for complete human development.

Manmeet is a pioneer in propagating Design Thinking concept in Indian education system, and has initiated efforts for applying experiential learning approach in curriculum based education system. He is also making significant contribution to facilitating quality education for children from underprivileged background-together with the privileged ones. He is passionate about bringing children from different ethnic and economical backgrounds on the same platform of education through Inclusive Education, in which he believes different members of the social and education community have a key role to play.

In his endeavor to build a brighter India, he started Race Bharat, a global conclave uniting Corporate, NGOs, Educationalists and Researchers to collaborate for building a sustainable society, riding on the transformation waves of Re-engineering, Analytics, CSR and Education. Based on his diverse experience and strong association in international business circles, he is continually working to inspire young minds for national development by creating a synergy to address the challenges of 21st Century.

Awards and Recognitions

Manmeet’s socio-entrepreneurial efforts and thrust for progressive development in Indian education system got international recognition on different platforms. He was featured in Top 10 Global Entrepreneurs for 2017 by Silicon Review for his pioneering work in the field of K-12 Education and ranked amongst Top 25 Business Products & Services Leaders by CEO Insights India For 2018. Manmeet has also been awarded Most Influential CEO of the Year in Education For 2018 by Corporate Vision Corporate Excellence Awards 2018.

Mr. Manmeet Nayyar is a B.E. (Gold Medalist), M.S. (Computer Engineering) from University of Southern California and holds a Global MBA from S.P .Jain School of Global Management. He is also an Alumnus of Columbia Business School (Certified Digital Transformation Expert) and MIT Sloan School of Management (Certified Design Thinking Expert). Besides, he is Six Sigma and ITIL certified.

Manmeet has successfully led strategy & marketing leadership role with the global conglomerate like GE, American Express, Tech Mahindra and spearheaded compelling startups like Global eProcure and Trustsphere in India.