Nucleo Game Adventures contains carefully crafted DIY Toys and activities based on the functions of STEAM. The activities and toys in the kit revolve around Nucleo, the key character of the immersive story that can create anything he can imagine, a power cultivated through learning science behind everyday life. Where the story sparks the imagination and creativity in children, the toys enable the children to implement the learning in an engaging way. The activity kit has all the elements that help children understand and explore Magnetism, Nature, Robotics, and Space and other Science concepts to foster a lifelong learning, as the task associated with each toy is based on modern experiential learning approach. While being an extraordinary learning medium, the Nucelo Game Adventures also underlines the importance of equal development of SQ, PQ, IQ, and EQ. The kit helps in making children aware about the 21st century challenges and the skills and values that are required to sustain those challenges.

Infinity School Kits This Infinity School Kits breathe life into complex and otherwise theoretical concepts of STEAM transforming them into fulfilled activities that make the subject understandable for the children. The kits aimed at better explaining children the concepts in academic curriculum by enabling them to carry out experiments and learn the concepts through self-learning. With activities crafted from their curriculum books following a design-thinking and experiential learning approach, children can get an all new perspective of the concepts from their personal experiences. Similar to our other kits, activities and toys in the Infinity School Kits is built upon a fictional character called Kaira Alcazar.

Thunderrwings Adventure Camps We are focused on developing means to generate interest of children in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Stressing the importance of good physical strength, we provide focused workshop under the banner of Thunderrwings Adventure Camps for children in schools/residential communities/malls and clubs that help them build hobbies in creating advanced scientific instruments for utility and fun. The workshop helps in enhancing the physical abilities and develops their creativity and problem solving skills. To better connect with the children, we create theme based workshop revolving around a fictional protagonist, Queen Aquila Valen, a physically indestructible character having wings that allow her to fly at super speed. The stories of the character is woven around making children aware about the physical activities, food habits and routine practices that leads to enhancing the physical strength. We have a dedicated team to prepare and organize Thunderrwings Adventure Camps to promote the benefits of physical and mental fitness.

Dr. Dragon’s Lab This is an online portal with a wide range of science raw material assembled through our e-waste arm, providing the cost effective resources to make science based toys and activities from scratch. It makes children more confident about taking up new, innovative science projects, without worrying about where to find resources. At this portal, children can order the raw material from the available stock or can place their query for the material they are not able to find on the portal. We make sure that they get the desired raw material for their STEAM based project within time and in requested quantity. This way we enable children to explore and do experiments on their own and no just rely on any specific product. It is the part of our objective to help children hone their creative skill and dedicate their time in ideating, designing, prototyping, and testing their creations.