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DIY Project Videos Submitted by Children

Mr. Red Robot Do-it-yourself

Rubber Band powered Air Car

DIY Whiteboard - Magnetism

Steam for k-12

Reveal the power of STEAM, a driver of innovation, learning, and competitiveness and let the children learn through real-time experiments-like a mission to moon or the core of the earth.

21st Century Values

Skills and values are intertwined. In changing times, instill right skills and values in children to help them adapt automation and combat disparity and destruction.

Holistic Development

There is a difference between education and learning. Rather filling minds methodologically, help children enjoy learning, not limited to a syllabus but covers all the quotients of human mind and body.

Nucleo’s World

Join the adventure of Nucleo, a boy with the power to create or become anything he imagines to discover his secrets of invention

Choose Your DIY Box

Pick the one you like and enjoy your time doing interesting, myth-busting experiments and reading timeless, immersive stories.

Race Bharat is an endeavour for preparing Bharat that can lead from front at Global level. It is a platform for uniting Urban and Rural Bharat on the concept of Inclusive Growth. Arsym’s vision is to create a forum where Corporate, NGO’s, Educationalists and Researchers will be coming together to muzzle the Digital Divide and build a Sustainable & Uniform Society.

Kids Projects VIDEo’s